SmartProcess™ of Category Management

Category Management is a concept that has been talked about and debated in the convenience channel for many years. Many retailers and manufacturers have worked together advancing category management as a means to increase sales and profits. Distributors have contributed to that effort to one degree or another by utilizing "ship" data that, while helpful, doesn't paint a complete picture of what's happening in your stores.

Eby-Brown has taken category management to the next level by developing the unique and cutting edge program we call our SmartProcess™.

Eby’s SmartProcess™ helps our customers own their market by identifying what items they should be carrying in their stores. A fact-based methodology compares actual sales to c-store syndicated data. The result is an analysis that provides additional volume projections by category, based on changes in the SKU mix.

Eby-Brown takes a leading role in helping our customers put the right items on their shelves, thereby maximizing category sales. 

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