Supplier Contacts

Contact a Vice President of Merchandising managing your product line category to inquire about becoming one of Eby-Brown's valued partners.


Candy, Cookies, Crackers, Snacks, Nuts and Meat Snacks

Sarah Bibbs 
V.P. Merchandising

P: (630) 536-3748


Grocery, Frozen, Retail Beverage, Pet, Household, Automotive, General Merchandise

John Roach  

V.P. Merchandising

P: (630) 536-3698


Foodservice: Fresh Foods, Condiments, Fresh and Frozen Sandwiches, Roller Grill (excluding Oscar Mayer), Fountain Beverages, Frozen Beverage, Dispensed Beverage, Tea, Coffee, Cappuccino

Sharon Kuncl
V.P. Merchandising

P: (630) 536-3954


Health and Beauty Care, Tobacco (non-cigarettes), Tobacco Papers, Proprietary Paper and Store Supplies, Foodservice Supplies, Institutional Paper and Cups, Institutional Fountain and Supplies, Blades, Razors and Shavers

George Main
V.P. Merchandising

P: (630) 536-3613



Jode Bunce
Executive V.P. Cigarettes

P: (630) 536-3790