Merchandising Solutions

Eby-Brown offers extensive marketing programs and opportunities to its c-store partners, enhancing the distribution service we provide with up-to-date insight on consumer spending, opportunities to meet and network with suppliers, straightforward planograms to help bolster store revenue, and great product deals and promotions that will get customers in your store and keep them coming back.


Vendor Days and Vendor Showcase

Eby-Brown hosts several networking events during the year, giving our retail partners the opportunity to meet one-on-one with top vendors, discuss inventory and store profitability, and plan an entire of promotional opportunities. It’s also a perfect setting to network with your peers and share insights and experiences.


Eby Expos

The Eby-Expos are annual trade shows, offering the chance to discover new merchandise, explore food service options, network with vendors and get great deals. Vendors bring their product innovations and promotional opportunities to display directly to our customer attendees. These shows can host nearly 2,500 customers and guests, and represent more than 150 manufacturers.


Category Insights™

Eby-Brown’s complimentary, best-in-class, quarterly publication -- Category Insights™ -- keeps retailers current with merchandising information including planograms, category-specific articles, and promotional opportunities. Additionally, Eby-Brown publishes a foodservice edition of Category Insights™ twice a year, featuring the same valuable information, but specific to the foodservice category.

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Speed to Market

This is Eby-Brown’s weekly e-publication, designed to be the fastest way to inform our customers of new, innovative items being introduced to the market. It contains all the necessary material specifications as well as the projected date of availability.

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