Category Management

All of us at Eby-Brown understand the value of category management and the impact it has on both your customers’ experience and your ability to maximize revenue opportunities. That’s why our approach takes away the questions, and instead gives you best-in-class merchandising supported by real data, so you can optimize revenue with less worry.

We also know that there’s no single solution that fits all c-stores, so we take multiple approaches to help you meet the challenge, large or small. Whether you are focused on current stores or new acquisitions, our disciplined category management processes impart valuable industry data and effective action plans, allowing operators to launch the programs with ease and efficiency.


Planogram updates and industry trending insights, delivered via Eby-Brown’s Category Insights™ publication. This quarterly digital resource offers a focused analysis of key merchandise sectors. You’ll find beneficial data on customer engagement, consumer buying trends, year-over-year sales forecasts, and more. Each edition also is packed full of planograms, designed to maximize your category dollars throughout the year.

SmartProcess™ is Eby-Brown’s proprietary category management solution, designed to ensure our customers are providing best-in-class planograms and assortment offerings in their stores. The program, which received a coveted Category Captain Award from Convenience Store News in 2019, features customized planograms, developed leveraging multiple data points, category insights, seamless execution and ongoing support to drive increased sales and profits.

The best part of implementing SmartProcess™ is that we do all of the heavy lifting. You’ll get solutions applicable to your stores, quickly and efficiently through:


  • Customized planograms, specific to every category and gondola size.
  • Seamless planogram implementation for our customers completed through a professional merchandising partner, highly experienced in convenience store resets.
  • A data-driven assortment of products, based on facts, not opinion or vendor investment.

Eby-Brown initiated the SmartProcess™ in 2011 and currently has more than 130 chain customers, representing more than 8,700 stores in the program.