Eby's Tree House Rules

Tom Wake, President of Eby-Brown, believes that we can only be successful if all members of Eby-Brown strive to reach their respective goals.

With that in mind, Tom drafted the following "Tree House Rules" which are the framework of our company culture.

 Tree House Rules

1. Customers - Our paychecks may say "Eby-Brown," but our customers are our employers. Our customers can terminate our employment at any time.

2. Problems - Everyone at Eby-Brown is expected to be a problem solver. We will fix any problem we encounter, and ask for immediate help if we can't solve it ourselves.

3. Details - There are many important details in everything we do. We must pay attention to these details; so we do things correctly the first time.

4. Urgency- We must have a sense of urgency in everything we do. Never put off anything, which can and should be done immediately.

5. Communicate - If you can't immediately resolve a situation for someone, tell the person precisely when you will get back to him or her.

6. Follow Through- When you commit to doing something; always provide a timetable for completion, and be certain you complete it when expected.

7. “No” and “Can't” - Our success as an organization is based upon our commitment to “Yes” and “Can”. Always ask for permission, before using the words "No" and "Can't" with a customer.

8. Co-Workers – Your co-workers are your internal customers; so treat them the same way you treat our external customers. Re-read #2 through #7 above.

9. Fun - We spend 33% of our waking hours at work, so we need to make our workplace enjoyable. We need to enjoy our jobs and have fun doing them; or we won't be very good at them.

10. Community- Eby-Brown and its associates provide needed resources in the communities in which we work and live; enabling us to serve a higher purpose as an organization.

That's the Eby-Brown culture.