Eby-Brown Mobile Solutions

Eby-Brown Mobile Solutions


An easy to use, sophisticated ordering solution

Application Features:
• Spreadsheet style format allows sorting by column
• Icons identifying new, promotional and suggested planogram materials
• View retail, estimated cost per unit and extended cost for ordered items
• Order shelf tags and receive them with the next order
• Category check on each order to ensure popular items are included
• Automatically saves orders every 10 minutes
• Maintains order history

Ordering Features:
• Order items by scanning the retail UPC
• Estimated order total as items are added
• Order delivery date alert for pre-booked distributions, holiday bookings, etc.
• Large quantity alert

Search Features:
• Search for items by description or NACS Category
• Search for items that are new, on promotion or are Eby suggested
planograms items



Build your own custom order guide

Application Features:
• Build custom order guides based on customer item listings
• Enter items into the item list by scanning the retail UPC or searching by
description or NACS category
• Custom printed order guides, including scannable bar codes that are sent
with the next order
• Maintain editable order guides and request as needed



Convenient solution for all guaranteed item returns

Application Features:
• Return guaranteed items without contacting customer service
• Support saleable and non-saleable item requests
• Enter items for return by scanning the retail UPC or search by
description or NACS category